Autour de la Géométrie Algébrique Dérivée

Séminaire informel, 2013-2014


room 2018 (second floor), Batiment Sophie Germain, Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7
Friday, between 11AM and 1PM. Check the schedule to see whether there is a lecture.
The seminar is organised by Gabriele Vezzosi, the lectures are given by master and PhD students.
Each session of talks should not exceed 2 hours. The goal is to have 2 talks (or 2 parts of the same talk) of 45 minutes each, with a small break in between. Talks are done in English.

Notes of the seminar

Lecturers are asked to provide (possibly informal) notes. These notes are collected in a document, to provide a good reference for the material that has been discussed. This is managed through a GitHub repository: mauroporta/Autour_de_DAG. There is also a pdf available: notes.pdf, which will be regularly updated.


March 15
Mauro Porta (Orsay): Model categories and Bousfield localisation
Brice Le Grignou (ENS): Dwyer-Kan localisation
March 22
Valerio Melani (ENS): Quasicategories
Yan Zhao (Orsay): Segal categories and complete Segal spaces
March 29
Mauro Porta (Orsay): Simplicial presheaves
Pietro Vertechi (ENS): Higher stacks
April 5
(no seminar)
April 12
Pieter Belmans (Polytéchnique): Differential graded categories
April 19
Mauro Porta (Orsay) and Yohann Segalat (Jussieu): Affine derived algebraic geometry
April 26
Mauro Porta (Orsay) and Yohann Segalat (Jussieu): Affine derived algebraic geometry
May 17
Pieter Belmans (Polytéchnique): The derived stack of perfect complexes
Pietro Vertechi (ENS): The derived loop space and de Rham cohomology
May 31
Brice Le Grignou (ENS) and Mauro Porta (Orsay): Derived formal deformation theory (after Jacob Lurie)
June 7
Marco Robalo (Montpellier): Noncommutative motives and non-connective K-theory of dg-categories