Course guide : MATH 501/465, Spring 2016

TEXTBOOK: T. Shifrin: DIFFERENTIAL GEOMETRY: A First Course in Curves and Surfaces
These are notes by Prof. Shifrin that he made available in the form of a pdf file on his homepage and he gave us permission to download it, and if necessary print it. They can be downloaded from the notes link.
As further source that one can use to see some more material, I recommend:
J. Oprea : Differential Geometry and its Applications
M. do Carmo Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces

PREREQUSITES: Math 240 is the minimum requirement. It should be sufficient for most of the material. Math 312 and Math 361 (or 508) would be very helpful though.

OFFICE HOURS: Please make use of the office hours. It will also help me to get to know you better.

HOMEWORK: Homework will be given on a weekly basis, usually assigned on Thursday and to be turned in on the following Thursday at the end of class. Homework is the most important part of the course. You need to get your hands dirty to digest the material.

EXAMS: There will be a Final Exam on Tuesday April 25 (in class).

COURSE GRADE: Homework will count as 60% and the Final Exam as 40%.
ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Academic honesty is fundamental to our community. Violations of academic integrity may result in suspension or expulsion from the university. For details see Code of academic integrity

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